Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh, The work production in Bangladesh is not as good as it is, but economic growth was profitable. And significant jobs generated during most salaried jobs in the export-oriented, retail clothing industry.  


In addition to looking at those works, we also discuss what you must do to get into them. We also have some ties to related courses to support you on your way. If you are involved in a specific field of research, it is still gooto see that your earnings are just one aspect of the position that makes a career suitable.

The Best 11+ Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

The highest paid jobs are also seen in the financial, health, and IT sectors in Bangladesh, as in many countries. However, it is not limited to those regions, and in other sectors, there are plenty of highly compensated roles. The labor sector in Bangladesh calls out in many diverse fields for professional employees. In this respect, we look at some of the leading characters in several.

Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

Several factors decide the supply of employment in different markets. Offering and requirement are a significant variable. With modern technology, those roles became redundant. Fortunately, new jobs will be developed to grow new customers.

We have now arrived in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with genuine knowledge about the country’s brightest, paid work. We would present an article that gathers data on the places with the highest-earning opportunities from different sources. If you have computer science, business intelligence, or the willingness to work from your niche comfort, you will want to investigate the opportunities.

List of Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

This article covers the top 11+ most well-paid workers in Dhaka and around Bangladesh, and they are among the most lucrative posts. It would help if you investigated the opportunities listed below since they are strongly requested in 2020.

Whether you have tech experience, business intelligentsia, or else looking into these will give you an idea of the job market. As much as you will know about the job market, it will help you prepare your CV or resume mucful. However, we have a guide on CV writing here.

Accountancy Jobs

Financial Analysts

Most Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

What is a financial analyst?

Financial analysts make proposals to companies by their knowledge of industry dynamics, competitive structures, and data processing. They create economic models to forecast the outcome of specific business decisions, to help businesses invest and decide on finance. It is considered one of the most lucrative jobs in Bangladesh and has strong demand worldwide.

How do you become a financial analyst?

A minimum of a bachelor’s degree is the best place to start with a career as a financial analyst. You will ideally want a qualification related to finance or business, as well as a profound understanding of analytics. You must also take the exam from the Chartered Financial Analyst of the CFA Society of Bangladesh once you are eligible. 

How much do financial analysts make?

The Bangladesh financial analyst receives a minimum of BDT 100,000. If you take the Financial Analyst course, you will be there. It is not only one of Bangladesh’s well-paid workers but worldwide.


Overall Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

What is an accountant?

Accountants use their numbers and accounting ability to record and measure a corporation or individual’s financial health. They support corporations and people in achieving a wide array of activities to balance accounts and increase income to keep taxes up to date. There are many different fields of specialization that accountants will explore and make this one of Bangladesh and many other countries’ highest-paid work.

How to become an accountant

To become an accountant in Bangladesh, there are many steps you will have to complete. He is the first to graduate as an accounting bachelor or in a similar field. You can select a specialty from there and review it more. You must also pass a four-part test from the Bangladesh College for Chartered Accountants if you choose to become a chartered accountant.

How much does an accountant make?

In Bangladesh, the average pay is BDT 314,286.

Trader (Forex Trader/ Financial Trader)

Most Desired Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

What is a financial trader?

Financial dealers handle the purchase and disposal of investor shares, bonds, and properties. They work with banks as well as for the private sector. Two major categories are brokers, flow brokers (customer transactions and sales), and sales merchants (customer buying and sales directly). Specializing in a single commodity is also financial traders.

How do you become a financial trader?

When it comes to an occupation as a financial broker, a degression is a successful starting point. You may want to pursue a valid certification in a field such as an accountant you may wish to pursue certification. Typically, a trainee or business experience is needed if you have a certificate.

How much do financial traders make?

The Forex Trader is another specialist if you want to gain a reasonable price. While an experienced trader’s average wage is BDT 95,000, Bangladesh traders earn at least BDT 100,000 per month. But when you expect this work and high pay, you must be qualified.

Marketing Jobs

Marketing Manager

Most Favorite Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

What is the marketing manager?

A brand manager checks a product or business’ marketing practices. They also have various duties, including budgeting, promotion, advertisement, negotiations, and more. It is a diverse position that often differs from industry to even sector. But when it comes to marketing, it is one of the highest-paid work in Bangladesh.

How do you become a marketing manager?

In most cases, you would require a corresponding diploma to work as a brand manager. Anything related to marketing or management is a decent starting, though ability in the industry helps you.

How much do marketing managers make?

The average salary for a marketing manager in Bangladesh is 90,000 BDT monthly.

IT Jobs

Software Developer

Most Ambitious Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

What is a Software Developer?

New applications, apps, and technology have been created by the software developer (sometimes known as a software engineer). You use your wide variety of abilities to solve difficult problems. Few app engineers work in many domains’ others.

How do you become a Software Developer?

You must first understand various IT and computing systems to get a job as a software developer. Programming and coding are two competencies in which you need to excel so that an informatics degree or similar often is a good starting point. Finally, you would need a great deal of experience with paying jobs or personal ventures.

How much do software developers make?

The mean wage in Bangladesh is BDT 455,844 for a software engineer.

Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

These are BDjobsearch’s top five picks for the highest paid jobs in Bangladesh. Now we are going to look at some more jobs too.

Organizational Development Manager

Another career that suits you well is learning many languages. In specific, medium-sized and big businesses need someone who knows the nature of their market and customer interactions.

Many of these firms supply management positions in their own countries. In contrast, others – primarily technology companies – move to businesses or employment facilities such as Flex Jobs, Alpine Connectivity, and Emerge Interactive Solutions, where positions can be conducted remotely. Wage can be BDT 242,500.


Those who work as statistics and actuaries are also well paid. The financial and government institutions pay these specialists a massive amount. Actuaries have critical positions in mitigating risk and in critical assessments that inspire this work.

All that are eligible receive an annual income of 120,000 BDT per month. Also, Bangladesh is pocketing numbers at least 60,000 BDT a month.

Virtual or Executive Assistant

Many micro and small enterprises also need a virtual assistant to perform several activities from a remote location. It is difficult precisely what simulated workers are doing, but sometimes their positions occupations’ pots. There are also ample micro working opportunities, as they will supply jobs which take seconds to complete, anywhere from a few pennies to a few dollars. Wage can be BDT 90,000.

Bloggers or Vlogger

While blogging is a new profession, you must be incredibly talented in authoring viral stories to excel in this lucrative undertaking. And if that happens, you will get up to 100,000 BDT a month. However, the work requires no remarkable degree; only in English can you be fine.

SEO Consultant

Another crucial point for organizations with a compact web footprint to social media marketing is search engine optimization (SEO).

If you have some scripting, programming, or web development experience, you will be particularly good at that profession. SEO workers are far more technical. This is because It is not only one of Bangladesh’s well-paid workers but worldwide.

Like social media marketing, search engines’ optimization is another crucial point of any online presence for companies. SEO abilities are much more advanced, but you will be outstanding in this career if you have any scripting, programming, or web creation. Wage can be BDT 120,000.

Data Entry Assistant

Two of the many online technologies that have instantly standardized many data entry assistants over the early millennium have Zapier and If This Then That (IFTTT). This is another example of how machines have substituted and taken their work.

Although roles may not be the same as an assistant to data entry, sector needs remain. You could provide the company with a corporation that wants to build up a digital platform to aid, them with critical data management if you are involved in this kind of career. You should also consult them on the cloud computing tools to help them keep their classified details private. Wage can be BDT 90,000.

Medical profession

While medical careers are very worthwhile, they rely on the standard of ability. If you are specialized in medical surgery, you will earn more than nurses. With over 100,000 BTD per month, at least 55,000 BDT per month is received by medical practitioners. In comparison, in the private sector, they can gain more than in the public market. It is one of the highest-earning local and foreign jobs.

Electrical /Civil engineers

Many that serve as electrical or civil engineers for international firms and prosperous local businesses are satisfied. These workers’ earnings are set based on the organizations with whom they work and the amount of ability they have. When anyone has three years of work experience, the average wage is BDT 70,000.

Final Words about the Highest Paying Jobs in Bangladesh

To see the job details in the desired area, search places such as Indeed, Hired, Elance, oDesk, Microworkers, Craigslist, Fiverr, and SEOClerks may also post your services. PostJoint is another excellent website to check-in if you want funded blog blogging opportunities.

It would help if you started to find the path that will produce revenue quickly, whether you are working or self-employed. Now, see our interview tips post Ready Yourself Properly for the interview before applying for a position.

You have gotten a world of possibilities to wait when you live in Bangladesh! Good luck in seeking your employment.

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